Welcome to SEG

Through innovation and strategic thinking we deliver quality work by stimulating and supporting business-led innovative ideas. We spearhead our affairs with cutting edge technologies.

The Software Engineering Group and Centre for Information Technology and Advance Computing is focused on the provision, coordination, and management of information technology and to advance computational science.

Our mission is to support all sectors of education with IT and implement software projects from CITAC.

We play a major role in the following specializations of CITAC

    • Education and Training
    • Research and Development..
    • Management Information Systems.
    • Data analysis.
    • E-agriculture.
    • E-health
    • Institutional development and process Improvement .
    • Project Management.
    • Business Analysis.
    • Database Systems
    • Institutional Website development and services.
    • Computer Systems Installation and Maintenance
    • E-commerce Services and Consultations .
    • E-learning systems development and research.
    • Educational software and academic computing.
    • Scientific programming.
    • Computational Science and Engineering. 
    • Software Engineering.
    • Information Security.
    • Encryption Software Development.
    • Computer Networking.
    • Security Camera, Sensor systems developments, Installations and Maintenance.

We support selected student research work in academic institutions. We support their projects by providing technical knowledge, financial resource and guide them in achieving excellent results.

Click on the links to view those certified by SEG, those chosen to work on SEG projects and those who were sponsored to work on ELITE project .

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