Education & Training

We provide training for institutions, organisations, groups of people and individuals in the area of advance computing and information technology.

We develope and provide online learning systems for institutions and train their personels in usage, management and maintainance of such systems.

Our E-learning systems are online based and we provide local hosting for institutions and organisations.


Our e-learning systems can be accessed via internet or local server system. we provide knowledge base systems as well as e-library systems for organisations.

we develop online and offline learning systems for teaching, illustrations and forum based systems for schools and organisations.

We also have an online and offline data collection and analysis tools online and offline.

we connect the classrooms to the computer and bring the board to your computer screens at home, to your phones, desktops and laptop computers at your offices.

We provide and train people in tailored courses to fit into their organisational needs.

We train peole in the related fields,



Computer systems building and consultations .

Management Information Systems.

Data analysis.



Institutional development and process Improvement .

Project Management

Database Systems

Website development.

Computer Systems Installation and Maintenance


Circuit Design

Embeded Systems

Educational softwaredevelopment

Academic computing.

Scientific programming.

Software Engineering.

Information Security.

Encryption Software Development.

Computer Hardware procurement, Installation and Management.

Computer Networking.

Computer Hardware development

Educational and Automated Systems.

Security Camera, Sensor systems developments, Installations and Maintenance.

E-learning systems development and research.

Digital Electronics

Analog Circuit Building

Course certification and Diploma certification is awarded upon completion of our courses and also we provide certification for courses that we do in collaboration with other institutions.

You can take our online courses by visiting our E-learning System for Students.