Welcome to CITAC

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Through innovation and strategic thinking we deliver quality work by stimulating and supporting business-led innovative ideas. We spearhead our affairs with cutting edge technologies.

The Centre for Information Technology and Advanced Computing is focused on the provision, coordination, and management of information technology and to advance computational science.

Our aim is to help you achieve your business goals by providing informed professional IT consulting, the best application software, support & training services available. We continue to specialize in tailored Finance Software to suit a constantly evolving industry.
Through research and management programs we provide efficient, cost-effective administrative and high-powered scientific computing. In addition to providing support and scientific tools and resources, CITAC provides enterprise technological and computational support for individuals, communities and institutions; services include networking, telecommunications, application development and hosting services, technical support, computer training, IT acquisition, and IT security.
CITAC engages in partnerships with scientists to understand their computing and data analysis challenges and develop leading-edge solutions that fit the needs of the scientists.

Our main areas of specializations are

    • Education and Training
    • Research and Development.
    • Computer systems building and consultations .
    • Management Information Systems.
    • Data analysis.
    • E-agriculture.
    • E-health
    • Institutional development and process Improvement .
    • Project Management.
    • Business Analysis.
    • Database Systems
    • Institutional Website development and services.
    • Computer Systems Installation and Maintenance
    • E-commerce Services and Consultations .
    • E-learning systems development and research.
    • Educational software and academic computing.
    • Scientific programming.
    • Computational Science and Engineering.
    • Software Engineering.
    • Information Security.
    • Encryption Software Development.
    • Computer Hardware procurement, Installation and Management.
    • Computer Networking.
    • Computer Hardware development-Educational and Automated Systems.
    • Security Camera, Sensor systems developments, Installations and Maintenance.

CITAC plans, implements, operates, and supports centrally owned or administered computing resources for organizations, ensuring interoperability among those resources and between them and other computing facilities owned by customer organizations

. We play an active and participatory role in supporting desktop computing to the end-user in the areas of software and hardware, including internet, communications, and access technologies.

We promote awareness and efficient and effective use of these computing resources by customer personnel through training, presentations, consultations, and documentation.
We investigate new and emerging computing requirements of customer programs and conduct research and development to identify, evaluate, and adapt new computer architectures and technologies to meet identified customer requirements and to enhance current service offerings. And also we manage and operate, where appropriate, departmental computing resources offices.

We support selected student research work in academic institutions. We support their projects by providing technical knowledge, financial resource and guide them in achieving excellent results.

Founder and Chairman : Quist-Aphetsi Kester