Projects & Careers

We provide employments for students during vacations, we have work and school programs as well and we have part time work . We select people with skills to work on projects in the areas of research and the developments of software systems.

Our projects covers building of digital electronic systems and development of computer software applications for our institutions.


We do projects in the following areas



Computer systems building and consultations .

Management Information Systems.

Data analysis.



Institutional development and process Improvement .

Project Management

Database Systems

Website development.

Computer Systems Installation and Maintenance


Circuit Design

Embeded Systems

Educational softwaredevelopment

Academic computing.

Scientific programming.

Computational Science and Engineering. 

Software Engineering.

Information Security.

Encryption Software Development.

Computer Hardware procurement, Installation and Management.

Computer Networking.

Computer Hardware development

Educational and Automated Systems.

Security Camera, Sensor systems developments, Installations and Maintenance.

E-learning systems development and research.

Digital Electronics and Analog Circuit Building


We provide work and study programs for students in second cycle institutions, undergraduate students and postgraduate students. Workers and researchers in institutions and from the industry also work with us on projects.

You can work with with us if you have the following qulaifications.

SSCE/WASSCE in any field of study provided you have the skills required and also we have preference for people with computing or Pure Science or Technical skills in science background.

Certificate/Diploma/HND in any field of study and with computing background.

First degree and post graduate degree in any field with practical skills, research skills and computing background or computer application related fields is also an advantage.

We work with institutions, schools, companies and set up systems for them and manage it as well as providing maintenance and traiming services.

If you own a cafe and want to run our online courses as a certified CITAC e-learning centre, you can contact us

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